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  1. After I had locator implants done, I developed “ibs” which I have now had several surgeries including a foot of intestine removed. Is it possible that the IBS-like symptoms are the result of titanium implants?

    • Last Name: Florida
  2. Can you have dental implants taken out after 4 years if you are allergic and experiencing terrible symptoms like depression, sleepless nights, fatigue, loss of appetite? My friend has had the Melisa test and is allergic to nickel and is going through constant hell. She won’t go back to the place where she had the implants because she has had a bad experience in the first place. Her two front teeth have also chipped so it has not been worth her pain, money or time. Please could you advise if the implants can be removed after such a long period because I understand they fuse to the bone. Thank you

    • Last Name: Olasebikan
  3. Is a gold metal implant potentially better than a titanium one? do you offer or recommend gold as an alternative to titanium?

    • Last Name: A
  4. hello all, here is my question to you and the team.
    I am post testicular cancer, is there any risk associated with me wanting to get a dental implant? Are there any implications with the use of a titanium implant?
    I have no known allergies except to rag weed pollen.

    • Last Name: Vaz
  5. Thank you for your reply but the above states there can be neurological problems if you have a titanium allergy. Would this not include anxiety? If not what neurological problems can arrise from a titanium allergy. Also for the MElisa test my doctor can not seen to find where to order this even when i showed him the website. Is there a place with easier access for him to go and order?

    • Last Name: P
    • As I mentioned, I am not aware of anyone reporting anxiety and I explained that anything is possible but I have not seen anyone make this connection. If you are looking for strong evidence to make that link, you simply will not find it. If you have any references, please send my way. The only I could find is related to Titanium dioxide nanoparticles injected into rats but that’s not very comparable. The more common (but still rare) neurological problem patients report is chronic pain and discomfort, phantom pain, shooting pain, etc.

    • I have had the MELISA test and positive for some of it’s components. My knee replacement is ceramic but I have a titanium holding it on. Iuse to have dental implants to hold my dentures in place, but had to have them removed about 3 yrs after. I have chronic fatigue and much more. I would give anything to have ceramic teeth implants but of course I can’t afford them. Wondered if you need a person to use as a life changing procedure for your practice? I would be great full and more than happy to show the world how youchanged my life. Thankyou

      • Last Name: Zimmerman
    • Can dental implants cause anxiety or neurological issues like ALS? I had one placed and I developed extreme anxiety afterwards and it has been going on for a year. Never had anxiety before and its extreme now to the point I am getting random twitching as well from the anxiety. Is this possible? Also what is the removal process? Mine is a 7mm ultra wide implant and I want it out but scared of the removal.

      • Last Name: ped
      • Hi Kimberly- There is no documented evidence of neurological issues like ALX or anxiety. I suppose anything is possible and if you read around on the internet, you will find some similar encounters but really what matters is to answer your question that there is no way to know for sure or accurately diagnose that. You could have it removed but its a pretty invasive process. They can be very difficult to remove requiring troughing around the implant, but it may be possible to unwind it depending on the details. I would recommend you have a consultation with a periodontist or oral surgeon if you want to explore this option but I just want to emphasize that this would be trial and error so make sure you are ok with that.

        • Hi Kimberly, yes there is documented research re anxiety being linked to implants! Really recommend you watch ‘Root Cause’ Directed by Frazier Bailey. Informative, fact based and shocking. I am looking to have my titanium implants removed. Good luck and be well soon x

          • Last Name: Campion
        • False. There is no documented research. ‘Root Cause’ is not research. I have no problem with removing your implants if you believe this may help, but I have a big problem with incorrect information being labeled research. It is ok to have an opinion, but it is not ok to pass it off as research. To meet the threshold of research, you would need random groups of participants, split into two groups, followed over years to determine cause or association. No such research exists and it is unfortunate that people don’t realize the difference between research and opinion. It should be very clear that a large portion of the population has titanium implants without anxiety, so if anything, there is evidence more likely to indicate the opposite. Best- MN

          • Hi Sue- Not that I am aware of. They are reported to have no immediate side effects and I have not had any patients experience this. All the Best- MN

          • Hello dr stanley
            I have 11 implants which have been in for 12 years all are fine apart from one which is in the botton jaw at the lower back.for whatever reason i get agitation next to the implant been looked at and am told nothing is wrong have lived with this since 3 months after being put in im thinking of having it removed.

            • Last Name: buckenham
            • Hi Steven,

              If you have a bunch of implants and none are causing problems, then you definitely aren’t allergic to the one. However, if the one on the lower jaw is causing you pain, there may be some infection or excess cement there that is bothering you. Also, it could be close to the nerve or not fully integrated. A 3D CT scan could give you some more information on what to do. Please keep us posted if you find out.
              Dr. Stanley

            • I just had an extraction of my 3rd molar and I am considering titanium implant as my best replacement option. I am worry I could be allergic to some metals since sometimes I have rashes when I wear watches, some metal necklaces or earrings, not sure if it could have a relationship for titanium implant. I research about the Melissa test and it seems hard to do it now since the Coronavirus the clinic close to me stopped doing it and the test is only diagnostic in Germany which is difficult with the shipping situation now. What other options are available?? Is the patch test as efficient as Melissa test (is easier to get than Melissa but could just be a waster of money??) Thanks

                • Hi Alexandra, First of all, I would almost always refrain from replacing a third molar with an implant. I don’t know the exact condition of your mouth but this is really not necessary 99% of the time. With that said, in my opinion, none of the tests are completely reliable but any information is better than no information when you have concerns like you do. If you don’t need an implant for the third molar, hopefully, that would be the simplest solution for your predicament. Otherwise, I would go with a patch test or see an allergist for sensitivity testing. All the Best-MN

                • Hi I had an implant in January ever since I have had metal taste with glen that’s hard to get out. My ears plugged and hurt. Very tired. Some strange things never had before. My dentist assures me it’s not the implant it looks good and in place. My concern I’m having metal reactions. How difficult is it to remove after almost 4 months. I do not have the tooth in yet.

                    • Hi Jan,

                      Depends where the implant is and how well it has integrated, but it is most likely possible. I would get another opinion if you don’t feel like your concerns are addressed. Keep in mind that if the implant is removed, and your symptoms persist, then you will still need to determine the cause of your symptoms. Its best to evaluate all possibilities before resorting to removing the implant, but if that is your ultimate goal, then I would get an opinion sooner to explore the process. Best- MN

                      • Thank you I appreciate your opinion. I no had no systems before this. I have chronic fatigue syndrome And have worked hard and have had under control by taking good care of myself. I will take your advise and way all options first. My concern if removed how much of a problem is it. I am getting a second opinion. I do value yours also. Thank you so much.

                      • I had two dental implants put in January 13th. Around February 18th My scalp started to itch right behind one ear. It gradually spread over most of my scalp, and then to various other places on the trunk of my body, elbows, arm and a little on top of my hand. Once it moved to my bodyand and I could see it, it is defininitely a rash, and it keeps moving from place to place. No rash on face, no problems in mouth. Dermatologists have been trying to solve problem and gave me a script for a ton of lab tests. As I was leaving office yesterday, nurse stopped me and said, the doctor just told me to ask you if you’ve had any dental work in last six months. I said “as a matter of fact, yes….”. By the time I got home nurse had called and left a message that I should contact my oral surgeon asap – that I might have a titanium allergy. Haven’t called yet, today is Saturday. What do you think? Should I get tested for titanium allergy BEFORE I go thru and pay for a bunch of other tests? Thanks for your help.

                          • Thanks for the question. Have you ever had any sensitivities to metals before? I think it might be worth getting tested before you do any treatment. Tests are minimally invasive and less costly and can give you some good information. I wish you the best!

                            • Hello sir,
                              I had an implant placed last year in bottom right molar tooth number 30 amd within 2 weeks i had rash all iver back neck and scalp it it hed for months then i developed eye infections as well i have never had and dizziness all the time along with increased anxiety over this. I have tried to find testing for the MELISA but no allergist will order it and half dont know what it is. Any suggestions? Could this be an allergy to the titanium? It was a keystone 7mm implant super wide…o also saw another surgeon who said the implant was alnost to the nerve and was not 1 to 2mm away…how is the recovery of removal? And could it cause further nerve damage?

                              • Last Name: A
                            • I’m sorry to hear this. Yes, this could be an allergy. I’m sorry but I don’t have any advice about getting a MELISA test. We have had other patients that have been able to find a way to get one. We are not involved in this.

                              As far as removing the implant, this really depends on the case. Sometimes the implant will just reverse out and there is really no damage at all but sometimes it can remove bone and tissue when being removed. If it is close to your nerve, there is of course risk in that. I wish you all the best and hope you get the help you need!
                              Dr. Stanley

                            • Hello sir.
                              I recieved 4 titanium implant 9 years ago. And I had skin problems with nickel when i was born but not so often but since 2 years now my skin started to rach or hives around my body all over and it keeps changing the area it keeps me up at night with all the itching. Hives and sometimes it go away especially this year i got pregnant and it keeps coming up on different area a the time
                              How can I fix it?
                              Thank you

                                • If these skin problems are due to your titanium implants, you would need to remove the implants. However, I would first rule out all other sources AND get tested for titanium sensitivity. It can be costly and invasive to remove implants so you would want to make sure this is the best thing to do. I wish you the best!

                                • Hi,
                                  I had a titanium implant fitted on 16th March to replace a missing front tooth after extraction of tooth root which I was told was fractured & had abscesses (this tooth previously had a metal stump with crown attached which inserted into my root & had given me years of discomfort & I believe ill health). I do not know which metal material the original stump was made of but my general dentist told me it was stainless steel & confiscated it after extraction.

                                  I had the titanium implant fitted by a specialist at the same clinic in the UK which involved some gum surgery to adjacent tooth gum as crown lengthening was necessary to create an even smile of two front teeth. I was given 4 anti biotics & approx six numbing injections before the procedure. All went ok & specialist placed a false tooth (which fits to roof of mouth) in the gap & told to remove at bedtime. The anaesthetic didn’t wear off for 5hrs I then experienced expected pain. I removed the false insert before sleep but thought some stiches had undone as bleeding occured (managed to stop & slept upright all night). The next morning rang the clinic, told to do salt water mouthwashes not to worry it would be fine. The following day I was experiencing pain around gum & my glands in groin were swollen so I took a Panadol painkiller. Awoke 5.30am next morning with diarrhoea & skin rash which continued for three days.

                                  The clinic rang me on the 23rd March to change my review appointment from 7th April to 26th May & I told them my symptoms. They thought I may have been allergic to the anti biotics. I rang the clinic again that week due to migraine but they had closed their doors due to the Coronavirus outbreak & were only taking emergencies. The specialist rang me on 31st to reasure me.
                                  I sent an email & text to the specialist (included photos of mouth & skin rash on arm) on 4th April – still in pain. He dismissed the rash but told me to cut out the bunched up stitches with a pair of small scissors. I have managed to do this but with great difficulty. Over all this time I could not place the false tooth back into the gap due to discomfort.
                                  LuckIly, my friend offered to do my main food shopping for me during this pandemic lockdown. I have worn a mask when taking the dog out (to everyone’s amusement) but thought it was the most sensible thing to do.
                                  The past five days I’ve attempted to place the false tooth in the gap but seem to get throbbing from the implant & still have painful glands in my groin. It is now May 3rd & am concerned that I may be allergic to the titanium implant or it has not taken properly.
                                  Would you suggest allergy testing? Plus due to the current situation regarding the Coronavirus my dental team are reluctant to see patients. Do you know whether implants can be removed after being fixed in for weeks? I have yet to have the abutment & Crown fitted.
                                  Hope you can give me some help/advice on a way forward.

                                    • I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Implants are easy to remove before 6 weeks of post-operative time since they will not have integrated yet. After a few months, they can be difficult to remove but it is still possible and case dependant.

                                    • After dental implant (titanium) I developed itching, hives on the skin all over my body (mostly the back of my body). dermatologist could not find the couse and concluded “no further treatment needed!!
                                      I went on internet looking for some guidance,
                                      it seems to me that I am allergic to titanium.
                                      Q:1. will this hives will ever go away? What are the prognosis in the similar situation?
                                      Q:2. Is titanium from Germany better than from other country, (seems China, France , Switzerland and the countries are making titanium implants)
                                      With appreciation for your anticipated answer.

                                        • It is difficult to tell what will happen. IF you have a true allergy to the materials, I would predict that your situation will not get better. Titanium is titanium no matter where it comes from, however, you need to know what other metals are contained within the titanium used from each company.

                                        • I have been trying to find out more about what symptoms are in a little more detail when it comes to titanium implants. I currently have two. A few months after the second one I started getting mouth sores and my hips aches and stiffened up after sitting for a period of time. Since then other joints have experienced pain, mainly elbows, and some in my fingers. My back has a knot in it that did not change after going to a chiropractor. I get occasional headaches and do not have any real pain in my mouth surrounding the implants. I have had extensive tests done for autoimmune diseases and the other standard testing with it all negative. I am wondering if any of this could be related to implants/titanium!!

                                            • Hi David- It could be related, but there isn’t any standard reaction I am aware of and I suspect there is a lot of potential variability between different individuals. Mouth sores have been mentioned several times so it seems like a common presentation. I want to be very clear that we have put this information out there to open up the discussion and hear from patients like you, but by no means do we have this all figured out. I believe titanium is well tolerated by an overwhelming majority of patients, but a small percentage of patients are affected adversely because they are either more sensitive or allergic. Even though this is rare, it is still a serious concern and something I am very interested in. To answer your question, it could be related but there is no non-invasive way to be certain so I would urge caution.

                                            • Hello sir ,
                                              About 3 months ago i had implant couple hours i felt eye pressure movement pain sometimes, on second follow up appointment he tightened my abutment couple hours i had throbbing pain in cheek bones so doctor did cbct scan tooth behind implant root canal broke and infected so he extracted it second day my nose was pulsating and tingling facial And pressure in head its been going on for 2 months Do you think it’s from implant or extraction? I also went to neurologist and ent and did mri/mra to check on nerve every thing showed normal! I can email you my cbct dental implant before and after too , please help i need second opinion if i need to remove the implant .
                                              Thank you!

                                                • Hi Neveen- It could be from the implants, the extraction, or even some unrelated condition. The CBCT imaging before and after could help but sometimes in-person evaluation would be necessary to accurately determine the cause. Even then, sometimes everything looks ok despite symptoms but I think the CBCT imaging could be revealing. If you are interested in a second opinion, we could do a remote consultation. Submit the form here and someone from my team will contact you to arrange the consultation.

                                                  • Neveen, I have very similar events like you did…. Implant with discomfort… after measurements for abutment, lots of pain in jaw, cheek, eye, ear area…. after abutment placed, same thing… weird! Also had MRI (neurologist) with nothing to show… ugh. I plan on getting the final crown on my implant, because I am tired of no tooth….. Really ironic that you have had similar symptoms as I did… good luck…. I may look locally for a melisa test.

                                                    • Last Name: Daniels
                                                • I had 3 titanium teeth implants procedures done in Mexico . 1 in August 2019 and 2 in February 2020. I have been getting ulcers in my mouth often and now I have something going on with my tongue. Swelling, red and a burning soreness. I know all of my life I could never wear costume jewelry because of itchy rashes. Could the implants be causing this problem in my mouth ?

                                                    • Hi Kimberly- There are a lot of possibilities. I recommend you have this evaluated as soon as possible. It could be the implants, especially if a lower quality or generic type of implant was used which may be the case. There is no benefit in speculating though. Please have this evaluated urgently. I hope your condition improves. All the best – MN

                                                    • I have been reading your blog Kyle, thank you for all your information.
                                                      2 mo. ago I had my implant in lower left jaw,ever since lm experienceing noise in my left, ear it’s a drumming sound ( like my heartbeat) keeps me awake at night,plus I’m starting to get spells of dizziness. If I do have a allerg,how do I connect withGermany to get the MELISA testing.

                                                        • I’m sorry to hear you are having this problem. We are not connected to the lab in Germany so you have to call/email them yourself to arrange for the test. We have had patients do this on their own before and get a test. I wish you the best!

                                                          • Hi Judith:
                                                            I saw your post on Dr. Kyle Stanley’s blog. I had a tooth implant at the end of January 2021. Since then I have had the same reaction, drumming sound in ears, dizziness, like you did. I wonder if your problem has resolved and if you found the root cause of it. I am very grateful that I am not the only person with this reaction.

                                                            • Last Name: Fwu
                                                        • I had an implant done 10 years ago. I have constant pain, irritated gums around the tooth with the implant. Extremely dark circles under my eyes that developed after the implant was put in. My lips are always irritated. Many dentists, I say many because I have tried to get it solved and each dentist tries something and sends me on….changed the crown from ceramic to gold, fixed the so called bent abutment, use non-traditional toothpastes and mouth rinses, drugs and still have trouble. I can’t wear cheap earrings or my ears burn from the metal. Any ideas on this?

                                                            • It sounds like you could be allergic to your implant. The fact that your ears burn from cheap metal makes me think this. You should go to a dentist who really understands this phenomenon. I would also take a MELISA test if I were you. You can go online and find out how to get a test.

                                                            • Dr Stanley,

                                                              I had an dental implant, (titanium), about 4 months ago, and about 2 months ago started having angioedema symptoms, including mouth soreness, lip swelling that comes and goes. I also have fatigue as well as joint pain. My GI doctor cleared me for any GI causes, (I also have Crohn’s), but suggests that I see an oral pathologist since we have been unable to pinpoint the cause of what is now becoming a chronic condition. Since oral pathologists are few and far between, should I see an allergist first? I also have an allergy to nickel and also to Neomycin. Also, is the packing material used in the healing process known to cause any allergic reactions? It was bright blue, resembled a strechy thick dental floss.

                                                                • Hi Carol, I would recommend you see an oral pathologist as recommended by your GI specialist. Some implants have trace amounts of Nickel. I am unaware of the packing material causing any allergic reactions but if this was 4 months ago, and the membrane has resorbed or been removed, then I would think that the reaction to this would be an unlikely cause since the source is gone. Wishing you all the best- Matt Nejad DDS

                                                                • Three years ago I had implants inserted into my front upper gum. I’ve had numbness and pressure in my gums and nose ever since. It’s actually getting worse. Also sinus problems.
                                                                  The odd thing is other implants in my lower left jaw and upper right jaw seem to be ok. Is it possible for rejection to occur in one area of the mouth and not others ?

                                                                    • It would be very unlikely for this to be an allergy. This is probably more based on the positioning of the implant into the nose or sinus. I would get a CT scan and have it evaluated to look for positioning.
                                                                      Dr Stanley

                                                                    • Hi – I had a dental impant done November 2019, and ever since then I have had an itchy, irritation in my gums, roof of mouth and tongue. Very uncomfortable feeling. Could this be an allergy?

                                                                        • Yes, this could be an allergy. Are you allergic to other types of metals that you know of?
                                                                          Dr. Stanley

                                                                        • My 66 y/o husband had two upper molars removed with appropriate healing time delay before titanium rods placed. Three weeks post that procedure, l he experienced an eczema outbreak on both hands and significant swelling of both eye lids and facial swelling. Benedryl tempered the swelling. A similar flare occurred 3 more times in the last two months. His general dentist (in NJ) who placed the rods does not acknowledge any connection. Do u suggest consulting an oral surgeon and/ or allergist for a second opinion? Thank you for your input.

                                                                          • I have Chronic Fatigue and Fibro. I have a dental titanium implant and the Melisa test shows I am allergic to 2 nickel types. I’ve had this implant 15 years and have had progressive CFS. I am planning to get this out. Have you seen people recover from CFS after removal? Is it a nightmare to remove? Number 13 tooth.

                                                                              • Yes, often times you will recover. It can be easy to remove but may require some small bone removal which can be grafted. You should be fine! Good luck!

                                                                              • Hi I recieved a titanium implant 4 months ago. I have never had skin problems and have started to develop all sorts of skin and eye ailments. A rach on my neck all the way to my scalp that has my dermatologist and allergist dumbfounded. It keeps me up at night with all the itching. Hives for no reason randomly appear sometimes then go away. I have no issues at the site of the implant though. So everyone disregards. When I asked for the MSDS sheet to know what exactly was in the implant they did not know what that was. I also have been increasingly dizzy for no reason what so ever. Do you know if these are symptoms and what can be done?
                                                                                I also had a previous mini implant from 12 years ago have no idea what was in it as it was a different dentist but did not experience and of these symptoms. Can one titanium implant differ from the other in terms of metals used? Any advice greatly appreciated.

                                                                                  • Hi Kim- unfortunately there is no one specific combination that is used universally. This type of information really should be included with every implant, but unfortunately is not. In a 2019 study by Chaubey et al., they examined the composition of 5 brands and found varying amounts of: Titanium, Iron, Manganese, Chromium, Tin, Vanadium, Molybdenum, Zirconium, Niobium, Zinc, Tungsten, and Nickel. In a few (3) of the implants tested, Titanium made up over 99% and in the other 2 titanium was 89%. I would recommend further evaluation. The problem is that removing the implant is pretty invasive and its best to evaluate all options beforehand. Some people ultimately elect to remove the implants, though I have seen cases where this improved symptoms as well as cases where symptoms would persist- I recommend a cautious approach. Wishing you all the best- Matt Nejad DDS

                                                                                  • What is the turn around time for your MELISA tests? Do you send them to Germany for processing? We are in Texas and deperately trying to find the quickest way to get a MELISA test. My husband had rare surgery at UCLA, and a small titanium plate closes the hole in his craniumHe has extreme fatigue, a rash and a couple of other symptoms. He’s had a lumbar puncture, caraotid arteries checked, every blood test imaginable and CT Scans, chest Xrays, etc. All were good. We researched, and are sure he has Titanium Allergy. We know he needs the MELISA test, and are looking for the quickest way to get it processed. Do you have access to anything quicker than what the MELISA siteoffers online?
                                                                                    Thanks for taking time to respond.

                                                                                      • Trish,

                                                                                        I’m sorry to hear about your husband. I do not know the turn around time with MELISA in Germany but you do have to send it to them. Contact them directly and they can give you the turn around time. I hope your husband gets better soon!
                                                                                        Dr. Kyle Stanley

                                                                                      • I had eight titanium implants removed 3 weeks ago because they were literally killing me for whatever reason I had some sort of ionic or galvanization or whatever they call it I suffered through 6 months of agonizing pain in every joint bilaterally throughout my whole body I’m almost 100% better now since I had these things removed

                                                                                          • Linda,

                                                                                            I’m sorry to hear this. Did you ever have any metal problems before your implant surgery? (sensitivity to copper, lead, jewelry, coins, etc?)

                                                                                            I’m glad to hear you are going better.
                                                                                            Dr. Kyle Stanley

                                                                                            • Hi!! Had an implant placed on #28 in May and I too am experiencing joint pain in my knees and also twitching throughout my body, mostly arms and legs. MI thinking of having it removed. Did you experience any twitching?hanks

                                                                                              • Last Name: Long
                                                                                          • Nearly five years ago my wife received two titanium rods in her lower jaw to secure a full denture. Soon after the implant procedure she began experiencing chronic nausea and other symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, sinus congestion and eventually weakening of one of the implant rods. She received numerous gastroenterological tests to determine the cause of the nausea, all of which were negative. It was recently suggested she be tested for possible allergic and intolerance reactions to titanium which resulted in a diagnoses of positive sensitivity to the material. She was also found to have an early detection of a malignant lesion on the lower left lobe of her lung which required surgical removal This occurred some four years after the implant procedure. At no time was she screened for allergic sensitivity to titanium prior to the procedure or informed of the possibility of such. The dentist who performed the procedure has now refused to remove the implants or acknowledge any possible connection with the problems my wife has experienced. Are you aware of any similar symptoms associated with titanium dental implants?

                                                                                              • Hello John,

                                                                                                I’m sorry to hear about your wife and her symptoms. Most of the commonly occurring symptoms are listed on this blog. Because true titanium allergy is VERY rare, we don’t see a lot of patients with this problem. Most of them are also allergic to nickel and they usually tell the doctor about that. These are patients that can never wear jewelry, metal glasses, etc so it is a large part of their life which they commonly tell their doctors. Although we would never know, I would think that the malignant lesion has nothing to do with the titanium allergy and was a coincidence. The reason we don’t commonly test patients for titanium allergy is that it is so rare. Another thing your wife could be allergic to is the material involved in the restoration (some people are allergic to acrylic). Which type of test did she have to determine her titanium allergy? I wish you and your wife all the best!
                                                                                                Dr. Kyle Stanley