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Dr. Kyle Stanley

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  1. It’s interesting to learn that it takes a few months for the dental implant procedure to be completed. My wife is wanting to have a better smile and she was wondering how long it would take to get dental implants. I’ll be sure to tell her that it would take a few months for implants to be correctly put in her mouth.

  2. Hello, Had my tooth (#19) pulled a week ago and a bone graft, implant. Healing is progressing nicely, tissue looks good but my gums are still a bit tender to the touch. How long until there is no pain or tenderness at all?

    Thank You Diane Thompson

    • It usually takes about 2 weeks maximum to not have any tenderness at all. Some patients never have pain and some have pain for up to 2 weeks depending on the surgery. I hope you heal well!
      Dr. Kyle Stanley

  3. I’ve been considering having a dental implant because I have always been insecure about my missing tooth. It’s great to learn that dental implant has a short recovery time, and they’d just ask me to take Ibuprofen. Also, I never knew that since a dental implant is placed in the bone, osseointegration will take multiple months to occur.

  4. Hi Doctor Stanley,
    I am 33 years old and I had to remove an old implant because after 10 years it got broken and I had a new surgery with a new implant (one front thoot) . After almost 1 year my gum still didn t recovered, my dentist says I need to be patient but I don t think that it is normal to still have like a vertical cut about 5 mm wide in my gum
    May I ask your opinion about it?
    Thank you

    • Hello,

      I’m sorry to hear about your implant complication. Unfortunately, this is possible with any type of treatment. Most soft tissue healing is completed within 3 months; 9 months for extended complicated surgeries. I would think that after one year your soft tissue should have healed. Often times, after implant removal, you will need bone and soft tissue grafting. I wish you all the best.
      Dr. Stanley

  5. Hi,
    I’ve extracted my 4 wisdoms because I wanted put braces but unfortunately, can’to for braces now because my first molar tooth root canal went wrong and I had to take that out too and replaced with implant.. Will all these processure impact my face skin or structure?

  6. I recently had two implants placed in my upper jaw. About two weeks after the procedure I was still experiencing throbbing pain that radiated throughout my mouth. I went back to my oral surgeon and upon his examination he told me that my implants are infected and need to come out. He surgically removed them and placed some bone graft in their place. After I heal, can I get these get re-implanted? And what is the risk of getting another infection?

    • Yes, you can probably just get new implants placed again. The rate of infection will remain the same as it was last time, however, it is rare to have a failure again. I wish you luck!

  7. I have a mouth full of problems. I am 36 and looking for a solution. I need to address this situation as soon as possible and I’m set up to extract all of my teeth and get dentures as soon as I can afford to pay for the temps. I’ve read that it is possible, but is it medically reasonable to get dentures and save for a couple years to get full implants?

    • My advice would be to try and save your teeth as long as possible even if the final goal is to get implants. Having teeth can help in so many ways especially by preserving the bone. Now if the teeth are mobile or decayed out and unsavable, then you have no choice. I wish you the best!

  8. I had 10 implants put in for permanent teeth in Nov, and I am 4 months post op. The throbbing pain is there everyday I know it’s gonna be awhile, but losing weight I can’t afford I have dropped 18 lbs and it’s hard to eat with the pounding pain in your mouth. Any suggestions to pain relief IB eats a stomach up when there is no food in there. Having a terrible time thanks.

    • I am concerned that you still have pain after a few months. Usually, implants shouldn’t hurt after a week or so. I am worried that you may have some implants that didn’t integrate. Please see your doctor to have them check on you!

  9. I’ve just had 2 molar implants done one on either side of my lower mouth, however after only two days the stitching on one has completely come out, leaving the wound exposed. Should I be worried?

    • I would have your doctor check it but more than likely, he/she will not do anything as the body usually heals itself.

  10. Hello, i visited a dentist and he said to me that after the implant surgery, i can have my “fake” teeth in 2 months, but the majority of people recommend 3-5 months. What do you think with your experience? Thank you.

    • It depends on the bone density, the patient bite forces, and the torque values at the time of implant placement. 2 months is possible in the mandible if all things are going well.

  11. Im 56 and I had 8 implants with bone grafting at the same time. 4 on top and 4 on the bottom. So now I have full upper and lower dentures. I am told that I need to wait for the bone graft and implants to heal for six months. After the 6 months I am told I will get the final hardware to snap in the dentures so they will be stable but removable. Its been a week and a half and my gums are still too sore to bite down on anything substantial. How long will it take for the pain to go away all together so I can eat meats or anything harder than pasta? Thank You

  12. Is it normal to have an ache 2 weeks after implants ? I felt great after the implants but then have stopped taking pain meds and antinflammatories. Should i go back on them ? It also hurts if i have to chew hard food or gets onto where implant is such as crusty bread. Is it a sign the implant has failed ?

    • After two weeks it is hard to tell. If you are still having pain at 6 weeks, this could be telling of an implant failure.

  13. I just had my back tooth implant as well sore is the feeling it’s my 2nd day. My only concern is can I go
    About my daily intense work out? I feel
    Throbbing in my mouth when I do go
    Up and down . I work out as in push ups, sit ups jumping jacks, martial arts thank
    You in Advance. Btw I’m 60 Yrs young

  14. I am 67 yr female with Diabetes Type II. I am 8 days post full bottom implants. I had 3 three teeth that had to be extracted (the only ones left ) . My surgery was under IV conscious sedation. IV sedation is the way to go. I do not remember anything at all. I understand they had to remove bone. My dentist referred me to a periodontist to do the procedure. After meeting with his staff and the doctor, I had complete confidence in his ability. He and his staff was very knowledgeable and made me very comfortable in the procedure. Since I have problems with pain medications, I only was able to tolerate Toradol and alternate with Advil after the surgery. I was able to lay around for 5 days. Eating was limited to soup and anything I could chew twice and swallow. There was pain at first, but as the days passed the pain decreased. The pain I had was mostly coming from mouth ulcers under the gums. I also had a large hematoma from the trauma of the surgery. After 7 days I visited my regular dentist who gave me Benadryl/Decadron solution to swish in my mouth b.i.d. This helped alot. Everyone heals differently, (no pain no gain). I am completely satisfied with my teeth. They are beautiful. My only wish is that I would have taken better care of my teeth in my younger years. I hope my experience helps your readers.

  15. I’m a 21 y/o and I have just had my lower left first molar removed due to an infection which resulted in a weakened tooth and a fracture. I’ve had the tooth extracted now, sadly got dry socket despite every precaution:( My first question is how long does dry socket take to heal? I’ve been prescribed antibiotics as well as pain killers to help ease the pain- on day 5 of this and the pain is still rather present.
    Furthermore, I’ve delved into the numerous consequences of not replacing a tooth, so I’ve decided a dental implant to be the best course of action. I’m just wondering typically how long after a tooth extraction do you have to wait until you can start planning for a dental implant? As if ideally like to get a replacement in as quick as possible to help avoid any future complications with teeth shifting/gum related issues etc.

    • Hi Rachael- sorry we didn’t get back to you sooner. It typically resolves within 1-2 weeks. Replacing the tooth is ideal, but please make sure you find someone qualified and experienced. If it’s done well, the implant will be a great solution for your missing tooth. Usually you would wait 2-3 months after extraction of a lower molar, though the clinical condition and amount of remaining bone varies depending on the circumstances. It’s not too late, but start with getting a consultation and evaluating the recommended treatment.

  16. Hi, I had my implant surgery a month ago and it went smoothly with no pain afterwards. A few days ago, my jaw started to hurt as I chew my food. Is this connected, such as an infection?

    Thank you,

  17. I had to get a tooth extraction on the tooth in front of my incisor on January 3 due to a vertical fracture. The dentist gave me a partial denture/flipper and said it will be 2-3 months to get an implant. The site of the extraction is healing well, so I’m wondering if I could get the implant earlier than the 2-3 months originally quoted? Should I seek a second opinion?
    I have other work I need to get done, such as fillings in other teeth, however the implant is my main priority because I hate the flipper as it affects my speech and eating.

    • I would definitely still wait the 2-3 months. It is possible to go back in after 8 weeks but you would most likely need to bone graft as well. I hope this helps!
      Dr. Stanley

  18. It was interesting to know that the bone fuses to the implant making it stable enough to hold the tooth. One of my friends is missing a tooth and he wants to get it fixed. I will recommend him to consider a dental implant that way his jaw bone can get back in place.

  19. That’s good to know that you could control the pain with some over the counter painkillers. I would think that would help you to feel better without having to worry about using some of the powerful addicting ones. I’ll have to make sure that I have some of those if I decide to get some implants.

  20. Depending on the number of prosthetic teeth to be fitted, this process could take between one to three days.

  21. After 20 years of way too many dentist visits and procedures not to mention cost of some of these procedures I decided to get full upper and lower plates. I’m 73. I’m on day 6 after surgery and realize I don’t have the recuperation resilience I once had. I’m progressing each day and have varying issues that are “normal” after this kind of surgery. Minor swelling, pain that moved to various locations, sore throat, lack of appetite and constipation. Was able to get off the strong pain killer and moved to Tylenol and still take the ibuprofen and antibiotic. I’m not due back for my first visit for another week but hope my new mouth feels more comfortable by then.

    • Hi Chris, Yes as we age it takes longer and longer to heal. I have many patients in the same age range and you can feel comfortable that your healing time is expected. I wish you all the best!

  22. Excellent advice. I have really enjoyed browsing your blog post. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. Your blog is very informative. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  23. My tooth at the back of my mouth has been hurting really bad. I need to find a good dentist to help me get a tooth implant. I want my teeth just as you show in your clear picture after treatment. Thanks sir for useful post.

  24. I want to have dental implants put in. It makes sense that I would want to keep the recovery period in mind! I’ll be sure to have simple foods that I can eat in the meantime.

  25. Dear sir,
    Hope you are fine
    My question is that, after implant of my front tooth i feel swelling on my face and feel pain in my all teeth,
    What i should do, plz suggest

    • Hello Zahid,

      I would return to the surgeon who placed your implant. Swelling can be normal depending on the situation but if it is up into your face, this could be a problem.
      Good luck!
      Dr. Kyle Stanley

  26. I am 66 years and a diabetic. Several months ago I had all my teeth removed and was told I would heal faster without wearing anything. I did want to wake up with teeth. I didn’t know temporary teeth could of been put in until I integrated,which all went well. After several months I had my permanent teeth put in and I am a little sore and have to eat soft foods, but I am afraid the food gets stuck underneath. I have a water pic and tried the super floss but I am still sore after three days. Is this normal and if so how long will it take for my mouth to get adjusted to these teeth. Plus trying to chew, the food feels like rubber. I hear people say how it’s like their real teeth and can eat but I hope my teeth were done right.

    • Hi Sally,

      It is great to hear that you had your implants and you are in the recovery process. It is normal in full-arch cases to have the recovery process take longer. The first reason is that you have more implants than one so of course, it will take longer to heal when you have 4-6 implants. Another thing that can be weird at first is the bite. Often times, the bite must be adjusted a few times in order to really make it comfortable. This can take several weeks or even months before everything feels right with your permanent teeth. You are doing the right thing by keeping it clean with superfloss and a waterpik so good job on that. There is a fine balance of how much space to have by the gums. You want enough space to be able to clean it but not enough to always get food packed in there. The best thing you can do is to keep it clean but if it is really becoming a chore, speak with your doctor to see if anything can be changed.

      I wish you all the best and eat some corn-on-the-cob for me!
      Dr. Kyle Stanley

  27. It’s nice to know more about dental implant recovery. I love the fact that it only takes around 14 days to be fully healed. Compared to other surgeries, that is nothing.

  28. Perfect post for all. Some best tips in your post are very inspiring to me. I am very thankful to you and your post.

  29. I just received a full bottom implant and am pleased with results. Although it took more time than I would have liked (5+ months), it was the best option for me. I am experiencing some sensitivity to my real teeth now. I had a partial temporary implant waiting for full healing to take place. Now that all my real teeth have opposing teeth, which they haven’t had for some time, there is some sensitivity. Nothing major. Will it go away?

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I’m glad to hear your implants went well. It can be a long process but most patients agree it was well worth it! It is hard to tell if your sensitivity will go away because I don’t know the status of your upper teeth. If they are broken down and have had some bone loss, it could be putting a lot of pressure on these broken down teeth. If your upper teeth are stable, you may just need a bite adjustment which is common as the bite can shift a bit once you have implants. Take it easy and hopefully the sensitivity goes away. If it doesn’t, you should definitely go see your dentist to have it checked.
      Dr. Kyle Stanley

  30. Very informative. I had full upper implants and 10 days later and 7 days of clydymyacin. I’m still in a lot of pain ,taking 600 mg of ibuprofen every 6 hrs but I’m in pain after 4 hrs . I don’t know if I need another round of antibiotics.

    • Hi Karen,

      I’m sorry to hear you are still in pain. You may want to go back and see your doctor to have them check everything. It is normal to be in pain longer for full-arch treatment since there is more localized trauma to the tissues. They may be able to put you on a different pain medication or see what is causing the pain. Good luck!

  31. I am glad you told me that the process of getting dental implants and recovering takes around 2-4 months to be completed. I am going in to get my dental implants next week. Thank you for the information on how long it takes to recover from dental implants.

  32. So here is my problem, I have advanced gum disease and have been told the only way is to pull all my teeth and go to dentures or implants. I have already had several on the top and some on the bottom pulled. Top teeth have been an issue for a long time, just ugly. Bottom teeth were loose and failing out. I really do not want to pull all my teeth but nobody is giving me any options. I realize that pulling my teeth would be a good option due to the gum disease, but should I not be given options. I really just want implants where the ones have been pulled and leave the rest. Yes, I know that it could create heart problems with gum disease, but here again should I not be able to make the decision on what is done.

    • Hi Margaret,

      I’m sorry to hear about your gum disease and losing teeth. It is always a difficult decision when our patients have to lose some teeth. I think the best way to approach it is to get all the information from your doctor and you make the decision. It sounds like most of the doctors are recommending removing the diseased teeth which is often the case when things have gone on a long time without any help but of course it is your decision to do what you want in your own mouth. The doctors can give you what they recommend but almost every treatment has options including doing nothing at all! Implants can be infected like natural teeth and when you place implants next to diseased teeth, they are more likely to fail which is why I’m guessing the other doctors don’t want to place implants with an active gum infection. I hope this helps!
      Dr. Kyle Stanley

  33. It’s really great to hear that you heal fairly quickly and can have the sutures removed at around 14 days. This is a bit comforting to know that there isn’t a very long recovery process after getting oral surgery done. Hopefully, the doctor will give me a good suggestion for surgery and I’ll get it scheduled soon.

  34. I am glad that you pointed out that getting a dental implant is a small producer and you can manage the pain with Ibuprofen. My father needs to get some dental implants this summer. However, he is allergic to more powerful forms of painkillers. So, it is good to know that he won’t have to worry about taking anything that will make him sick while recovering.

  35. I had upper small front tooth implant done about a week ago. I now have to white canker sores in between gum & upper lip area with dark red irritation streak running between both sores. Could this be part of tissue healing after the Novocain needles & implant surgery or should I be concerned that this is start of a serious infection. I have been swishing my mouth with salt water which causes these white canker sores & red areas to burn badly. Feeling run down but thought just part of whole recovery process as I do have autoimmune issues.

    • Hi Anthony,

      I hope your surgery went well. If you are prone to mouth blisters, this could be a normal reaction to your body. Many of my patients that normally get sores, will have a reaction after a surgical procedure. It could also be a reaction to the injections or topical anesthetic used. Infection usually doesn’t show as an ulcer but it is possible. I would try to make an appointment with the doctor that did your surgery to have them take a look just to make sure all is well. Since you do have autoimmune issues, I would see this as a very normal thing for you.
      Dr. Kyle Stanley

  36. I found it interesting that it takes more time for an implant to heal if you need to remove a failing tooth. This is the case for my little brother and he has been extremely nervous. How exactly does the typical procedure work, so that he can be more prepared and less stressed?

    • Hi Bethany,

      There are two ways to do it with a failing tooth. One way is to remove the tooth and place a bone and tissue graft and wait for the tooth site to heal and then go back in 6 months later to place the implant. There is also something called “immediate placement” where we can remove the tooth and place the implant the same day. This is not possible in all cases but can help to reduce the treatment time when applicable. Also, if your brother is stressed about the procedure, I would highly recommend doing sedation dentistry where he can go to sleep and wake up and have the procedure finished. This is the best way for my patients who are nervous about the procedure to do treatment.
      -Dr. Kyle Stanley

  37. I recently discovered my tooth #12 was completely fractured; so unfortunate because it had only a small filling in it.
    I saw a dentist, then the oral surgeon in the dental office.
    Upon inspection by the oral surgeon, it was determined that I might be a candidate for an immediate implant, if feasible after analysis post extraction.
    I was hesitant to do this procedure, but was “sold” on it when it was explained that not only the total time period to wait for a permanent crown would be much shorter, it would be beneficial to my gum, bone and tissues.
    The whole process (initial exam, X-rays, extraction, implant) took only 2.5 hours, and probably could have been shorter had the implant itself been planned for in advance.
    The procedure was two days ago, and I feel pretty good!
    I have a bridge in another area of my mouth, and am now sorry I didn’t get an implant at that time.
    BTW, I’m 74 years old.

  38. Thanks for this information about this. I have been meaning to go to the dentist for a month now but I have this fear that He’ll say that I need an implant. I am glad to hear that the recovery time is short though! That was my main concern!

  39. Hi all,
    I am quite young (22) and had 4 implants placed on my upper this week. I was awake for the entire procedure and had localized anesthesia where the implants were being placed. I am on a medical career path so I found the opportunity to watch, ask questions, and participate in my surgery extremely interesting. I preferred being awake during the surgery because the drowsiness side effect and “sleeping for days” side effects were not there as I have experienced through IV sedation.

    All in all I found Dr. Stanley’s post very informative. I was unaware that the first 6 weeks were the most crucial for the recovery period. Good to know! I did have a question regarding the range in duration (4-6 months) of full healing. What, if any, factors determine whether a patient is on the lower end or higher end of this spectrum? Are there any vitamins/minerals like calcium or Vit D that would help with osteoregeneration?

    • Thanks Jess,

      It usually depends on the density of the bone and the primary stability at the time of surgery. Your doctor should be able to determine where you fall on this timeline after the surgery is complete. Good luck with your implants!
      -Dr. Stanley

    • Yes, it is possible to place implants in most situations, however, there may be bone and tissue grafting involved to get the jaw bone back to a state that is large enough to place the implant in the correct 3D position.
      Good luck!
      Dr. Kyle Stanley

  40. I had an implant surgery on monday, the doctor sent me arcoxia 120mg i took once daily for 2 days. Couldnt take it anymore because ive been feeling so bad physically. I feel stifness in my arms and neck and chest. My hands turn really cold and i feel weird after i have a meal. Havent been eating much because of how i feel. The implant looks good no inflamation or so but im very scared because i dont understand why am i feeling like this as if i was going to die. My question is have you ever Heard about something like this? And what could it be and what can i do? I want to feel good again and i am very scared please help me

    • Hello Cami,

      I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. Although Arcoxia does have some indication for being used as a pain relief after minor dental surgery, I personally do not prescribe it. I usually give my patients medications such as Ibuprofen and sometimes a narcotic such as Norco to help with their pain after the procedure. I would recommend you call your dentist and perhaps your medical doctor as well to see if they can put you on another medication to keep your pain under control and make you feel better. I wish you all the best!
      -Dr. Kyle Stanley

  41. That is great that an implant is a procedure with a short recovery time. My dad has been wondering about getting an implant but didn’t know how long the recovery time would be. I’m glad it can be a short recovery time. I will have to let him know.

  42. I’m deciding if I should have dental implants. It makes sense that there would be a recovery period after having them put in! The fact that it’s so short is definitely a perk. I might need to see if I can get some!

  43. I’m having a full upper implant all on four done. I’m using my current dentures until the implants heal. Is this good to do. And if so, will it hurt when I put them in after the procedure. I’m not sure if it will tear the stitches out when I remove my denture .

    • This is an ok way to do it. I personally like to attach the denture to the implants at the time of surgery to avoid pressure induced failing of the implants under the denture. After the procedure, yes it will probably be pretty sore so it may hurt a bit to put your dentures in. You won’t be able to use any glue after the procedure due to the stitches.

      Is there a reason why the doctor isn’t attaching the teeth to the implants at the time of surgery? Everyone has their own way of doing things but I have personally had more failures when I wait to attach the teeth and have the denture banging on the implants underneath the gums or in healing abutments.
      -Dr. Stanley

  44. I had full implant surgery upper and lower 5 months ago. I’m 57 and have had dentures since I was 20. I’m having severe pain in my upper jaw and cheeks. Every time I go back to my surgeon they take scans and say they don’t see any problems. My implants are not loose but the pain is spreading and increasing. Cold mornings are especially bad. I go back to my surgeon in a couple days for fitting my permanent set of implants. But right now I need to know whats wrong. Any ideas are greatly appreciated

    • Hello Wade,

      It is difficult for me to see what the problem is without seeing your radiographs and seeing you in person. It is rare for implants to hurt after a few weeks since they usually have no pain at all once they are healed. There is a chance you could have some implants failing or maybe you are simply having some tissue pain. I look forward to hearing how you are doing and hope that everything went well for you with your teeth! Keep us posted.
      Dr. Stanley

  45. I didn’t know that the surgical component of tooth implants requires time to heal. My sister lost her tooth when we went swimming yesterday. My mom suggested having tooth implants

  46. I am having a full set of top and bottom implants. My question is eating after the surgery. I have read where I will not be able to chew foods for months. Is this true and if so for how long. I will be getting my teeth the same day. I will also be getting bone grafts as well. Thanks so much.

    • It takes a few weeks for the bone to integrate with the implants. In these first few weeks, it is best to not chew anything hard or crunchy. Soft foods are better such as eggs, yogurt, vegetables, etc. These first 6 weeks are the most important so please be careful to be able to have long-term success!
      Dr Stanley

  47. Hello. I have a retained baby tooth that needs to be extracted because it has some decay, but no infection. I will need an immediate single tooth implant with bone grafting in the socket. If I take a large dose of antibiotics before the procedure, are antibiotics after the procedure necessary? Thanks.

    • Hello Marty,

      This is a great question! The research shows that cases with no antibiotics had a 92 % success rate, cases with pre-op antibiotic alone had a 96% success rate, cases with post-op antibiotic alone had a 97% success rate and cases with both pre and post-op antibiotic had a success rate of 96%. By taking antibiotics in some form, you will reduce the chances of implant failure by 4-5%. Although some people see this research and say “if I have a 90% success rate if I take them or not, I will not take the antibiotics.” If I were having a dental implant in my own mouth, I would take the antibiotics.
      Thanks for the question,
      Dr. Stanley

  48. I did my implants like 1 week ago and after that the stitches come out and it hot heal a little bit. My question is that how long does it take to heal the cut of implants?

    • Hello Farman,

      Usually, the tissue around the implants takes about 6 weeks to fully get mature.

  49. I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody
    else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are amazing!

  50. My husband is about to have some dental implants put in and I am wanting to know more about the recovery process before we make the appointment. It’s good to know that when it comes to the medication that traditional ibuprofen will be okay for him to take. This is something that we will have to remember just in case the pain he has is a little more then he can handle.

    • Hi
      You don’t mention your husbands age or his pain level tolerance. I first had bone grafts in two areas where I plan to have implants
      Yesterday, the first implant surgery was done for two teeth and a bit more bone graft was needed
      I am a 68 year old female with a low to moderate tolerance for pain
      I did not have IV sedation for the procedure
      I took one rx 5mg Valium and lots of novacaine shots (about 6 to start and another 4 during)
      Before the novacaine wore off I took one Rx Percocet and antibiotic
      I needed Percocet every 4-5 hrs after surgery
      Rested on sofa and slept a bit
      Today I took one full dose Perc at 8am but only needed 1/2 dose during the day and 1/2 in the evening. About 24 hrs after surgery I had significant swelling of the entire side of my face where implants were placed. I used ice after procedure all day yesterday and today 20 min on and off. I could only tolerate liquids.
      I was told swelling will be worse tomorrow and then taper off. Bruising has not started yet.
      It is difficult to speak clearly the first day and my throat and jaw was sore. The surgery took about 2-1/2 hrs. If no IV sedation, the Valium will relax him but he should remember to breathe normally and be sure to let surgeon know if he has any pain whatsoever and they will give more novacaine & he will not feel the shot.
      He will be unsteady when he gets up from chair and someone should take him home.
      Driving or using public transportation is not recommended. Also bending, lifting or moving fast is not an option. Healing time is different for everyone but other than swelling and some bruising he should be ok within 3-5 days to resume most normal activities.
      I hope this helps

    • Hi Judy,

      It sounds like your implant procedure was a little more extensive and required some bone grafting as well. Anytime there is more tissue or bone grafting done, there will always be more pain, bleeding, and swelling. Most of our patients who simply have an implant placed, only take Ibuprofen and possibly a Norco 5/325 here and there.

  51. I am scared for second surgery had first one 27 second I know it will hurt what is the tottally. Recovering for th abundment surgery

    • Karen,

      “Uncovering” or “abutment surgery” is usually a very quick surgery where the gums up moved to expose the implant so that the restorative process can be started. Most patients only take some ibuprofen and are sore for a day or two. This should be a quick surgery with very little downtime unless an additional tissue graft is planned or something else that I don’t know of. Good luck with the surgery!

  52. really interesting a d very helpful. Allowed for better and informed decision making regarding titanium against zirconia

    • Can I go running after getting a full set of implants? I am 53 and cannot bear it that am facing this because teeth have been left to die

    • Yes, you can run but I would want a few weeks. Make sure to let your body heal itself! This is hard for many people who exercise daily but you have to take a break and not overload your body with stress. This will allow a better chance of the implants to survive. It is only a few weeks out of your life and could be very important for your smile. You can work on your 6-pack after you’re healed =).

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