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Dr. Matt Nejad

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  1. Avatar for LoraLora says

    I have an upper removable denture and contemplating permanent solution. I am afraid of pain during the procedure. Will I be anesthetized or just novacain injections? I want to be put under.

    • Avatar for Dr. Kyle StanleyDr. Kyle Stanley says

      Hi Lora,

      You can definitely be put to sleep so that you aren’t aware of anything going on. This is what a lot of my patients prefer to do during larger procedures like permanent dentures. Once you are put to sleep, we also will use local anesthetic (“novacaine”) to make sure you are nice and comfortable.
      Dr. Kyle Stanley

  2. Avatar for ToriTori says

    Dr Stanley I just had zirconia hybrid upper implant on titanium posts about a month ago put in now I’ve got terrible burning in my mouth tongue lips pallet Horrible my dentist says it’s not from implant or posts but why the burning ? when I was wearing my temp acrylic denture while bone was growing around my T Posts I didn’t have any burning now since I’ve got my final zorcinia teeth in my mouth is in fire what could it be then ? Help I don’t want to eat the 20k I’ve spent she’s willing to give me back my money but I really want perm implants what do suggest thanks Tori

    • Avatar for Dr. Kyle StanleyDr. Kyle Stanley says

      Hi Tori,

      I’m sorry to hear that you are having a problem. It sounds like you have burning mouth syndrome which could be linked to a number of things. Since your implants are titanium and your restoration are zirconia, I don’t think you are having a reaction to the titanium. I’ve had patients that have had true acrylic allergy before but since you had a temporary restoration for many things this also seems unlikely. Burning mouth syndrome can be due to recent dental work or invasion of tongue space or pressure on muscles in the mouth. Postmenopausal women are more likely to have this. The true way of testing if it has something to do with the new zirconia restorations would be to remove them and place you back in temporaries and see if it goes away. It sounds like you are in good hands with a dentist who is compassionate and understanding and your implants are stable so I would say to try the temporaries again to see if the problem goes away. I wish you the best!
      -Dr. Kyle Stanley

  3. Avatar for KevinKevin says

    Currently, my dentist claims he needs to rebuild all of my lower crowns and bridges to raise my overbite, along with my bridges. This is very costly around $30,000. Speaking to another dentist in Costa Rica they want to add two implants which are my molars. The implants are (Zirconia non-metal dental implants) for half the cost and rebuild my crowns also. Not sure which direction I should go

    • Avatar for Dr. Kyle StanleyDr. Kyle Stanley says

      Hello Kevin,

      I think it is always best to try and keep your natural teeth whenever possible unless they are badly diseased, causing a problem with your bite, or unable to be restored. If the question is to have bridges or implants you have to weigh the pros and cons. Do not always go for the cheaper of treatments simply because of the cost. Please do your research and go to the doctor that makes you feel comfortable and you feel is charging a fair price for the expertise, time, and materials chosen. I wish you luck with your treatment.

      Dr. Stanley

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