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Dr. Matt Nejad

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  1. Hey,

    I heard that american dentists are best in teeth whitening. My teeth have already been bleached twice and are now very sensitive. Has anything gone wrong with the bleaching or may there be another reason? Should I do it once again?


    • Hi Ellleo – It is tough to say because there are a few reasons why teeth can be sensitive. Often times, the in-office bleaching can make your teeth sensitive for a shot period of time (1 week) but does not usually result in long term sensitivity. The better way to whiten your teeth is a low concentration but a long duration. It is safe and proven to be effective without any additional risks. Your teeth could be sensitive due to cavities, recession, clenching/grinding, or a combination of these. First step is to determine the cause of your sensitivity, and then treat it properly to relieve sensitivity. I would recommend addressing the sensitivity prior to doing any additional whitening. I wish you all the best Ellleo!

  2. I think that it is interesting that a higher concentration of gel my work faster but will not increase the whiteness achieved. I think that it is better to go with the safer option, especially if the overall whiteness is the same. This is definitely something that I will consider.

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