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Dr. Matt Nejad

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  1. Avatar for M. LeoteM. Leote says

    The picture showing the white teeth: the midline is completely off. Why would you put veneers on and create the midline like that? Awful.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hello. We didn’t. It was an example of un-natural veneers that people get but that is not something we did. Sorry for the confusion. Now I will say that 95% of people do not have upper and lower midline aligned and it may be impossible to align upper and lower midline, what maters more is upper midline being in harmony with facial midline. Best – MN

  2. Avatar for PetuniaPetunia says

    Hi I will like to have a perfect smile my is Petunia

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  4. Avatar for Stephen Nozaki DDSStephen Nozaki DDS says

    The dreaded square-white Chiclet teeth – so glad that this trend has changed and we have come to appreciate the value of having a few, tiny imperfections. The finished result will look so natural that people will think they are beautiful, real teeth!

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Im glad the trend has changed as well. The best dentistry we can do looks so natural people do not know it was ever done and that’s how it should be. With the square-white chiclet teeth, everyone immediately identifies them as veneers or crowns.

  5. Avatar for Jeff CurtisJeff Curtis says

    This is some really interesting information on smiles. I have been thinking about getting some cosmetic dental work done here soon. I didn’t ever really think about how if your teeth were perfect it would look weird. It makes sense that you wouldn’t want them to be absolutely perfect because they would look fake. Thanks for the help!

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hey Jeff- anything too symmetrical automatically looks fake. Nature isn’t perfect and that is what makes it perfect! Glad it makes sense to you too!

  6. Avatar for Mia BoydMia Boyd says

    Thanks for the information. Cosmetic surgery sounds pretty incredible. I really think it would improve the overall look of your smile. In fact, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to get some cosmetic surgery. I can’t wait to feel confident when I smile again!

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Glad to help! Let us know if you have any questions!

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