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  1. Avatar for AlexanderAlexander says

    I also have that type of problem but not exactly, my front teeth and my jaw teeth are a little bit crooked is there a safe way to correct it and avoid the high cost of straighting it?

  2. Avatar for MariaMaria says

    Wow, Very good article. I love it.

  3. Avatar for BreeBree says

    do not ever use rubber bands they actually make your teeth worse and as you can see in the picture above!

  4. Avatar for Chloe FarrellChloe Farrell says

    Im 12 and my front tooth on the right side of my mouth is going forward and to the side. Im not sure what to do.

  5. Avatar for JatinJatin says

    Hello sir can we fix one sticked out teeth at home if yes then how?

  6. Avatar for AkhilaAkhila says

    My front bottom teeth is little bit down then the other teeth so can straighten or take it up at home or i should visit the dentist
    Please help me

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Never a good idea to do it yourself. Your description leaves a lot of questions/concerns that require evaluation. Best- MN

  7. Avatar for BaileeBailee says

    Hi, Is there another way to straighten my teeth without Braces, Rubber bands etc. If so Please reply.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Well, you need some appliance, either removable or fixed. Options include clear aligners, elastics, buttons, retainer style removable appliances, etc. No way to do it without something applying pressure and opening space. Best- MN

  8. Avatar for GeorgeGeorge says

    My two teeth in the center bottom are slightly twisted. This twist, plus a bit of leaning, creates a space which I would like to close. I have never worn braces. When I retired, I though I would have my dentist take a look at fixing it. The estimate was $7000. Sorry, I meant $7000. Yes, $7000. My first contract as a teacher was only slightly more than that. I just dropped the idea. For years I taught kids to look to professionals to learn to excel, and now I find myself looking tor a good DIY kit. Any ideas? Is this just what it costs? Please advise. Thanks

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      That is a pretty normal cost around here but prices can vary. People really underestimate the costs of providing orthodontic treatment including the overhead, time, materials, etc. I always find that people do not even consider the bite aspect and most patient’s are under the impression that moving a tooth takes no planning or adjustment to the bite. Anyway, there are no DIY kits I would recommend. If as you describe, the two teeth are the only problem and that is all you need, you may qualify for more limited treatment and you can get a second opinion to find out. Limited treatment can be significantly less, but most of the time, patients assume the treatment is easier than it is. Go get a few more opinions and see if you can get any clarification. Best- MN

  9. Avatar for CynthiaCynthia says

    Is there any natural ways to fix one of my teeth?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Cynthia, what do you mean by fix your teeth? There are many natural ways to prevent damage and problems to your teeth but it is nearly impossible to reverse damage or safely move your teeth without professional help. You can prevent a lot of problems such as cavities and periodontal disease with excellent preventative care and nothing is more natural than maintaining your own teeth. All the best- MN

  10. Avatar for Karine K.Karine K. says

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to the comments! That is very kind and so helpful. I have a question, my teeth are fairly straight, but my two front teeth are slightly inverted. You cannot see it when I smile facing forward, but it can be seen when I look up, or turn my head to the side. Is it possible to get braces for just your two front teeth? I am getting both wisdom teeth removed at the top, maybe my two front teeth are inverted due to crowding? I am not to sure about Invisalign, because I don’t like the thought of changing the liners so frequently, every 2 weeks, versus, braces remain on 24/7. Thanks once again!

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Karine, My pleasure. Here to do when what I can…time permitting. There are several ways you could move just the front two teeth. The first thing is to determine if this is acceptable with your bite. If there are no major risks or issues with this change, you could do braces, Invisalign, or other removable orthodontic appliances for minor corrections. I think Invisalign would actually be the most ideal for this because if you did regular fixed-wire orthodontics, you would need more brackets than just the front two teeth but its totally up to you. All the Best- MN

  11. Avatar for Adrian GriffinAdrian Griffin says

    hi i am 14 and my bottom tooth it crooked but everything else is good but what should i do?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Adrian. Please see your dentist or an orthodontist. If everything else is good, it should be pretty quick but a lot of times there are other issues you may not be aware of and there are no easy fixes or shortcuts without risks of causing big problems. All the Best- MN

  12. Avatar for HariHari says

    I am 25, my teeth are straight but my gums project in front. Do braces help me realign my gum bones? If not so what would be best way recommended yo align them ?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Hari- I’m not exactly clear on what you mean but I think I can still answer this. When teeth are moved, the bone and gum does also move. If that is enough to specifically address your concern remains to be determined, but certainly, the gum and bones do move with the tooth. Best- MN

  13. Avatar for ValerieValerie says

    Hello. My son is 19 and has bottom teeth that do not nest with the top teeth. They touch only in the front like pincers. An orthodontist tried to push in the lower teeth and it resulted in my son’s jaw being out of alignment. Now he has pain when he eats and his jaw clicks. We’ve had a consultation with an expert from UCLA who said do nothing. We tried a new orthodontist with no luck. None of the orthodontists want to put the bottom teeth back where they were. One orthodontist mentioned a splint. What about a tiny pin in the jaw to hold it in place? My son says the jaw is out of alignment because the lower teeth are pushed back. What can be done? Thank you.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Valerie. Please contact us to schedule a consultation. I can take a look and determine the treatment options. From what you described, more than orthodontics may be indicated but it sounds like orthodontics will be a significant portion of the solution. Wishing you all the best- Matt Nejad DDS

  14. Avatar for PriyankaPriyanka says

    hello sir,

    my two top front teeth are on push outside, that makes my beauty less, people suggesting for braces, but i have doubt this is because of jaw, please suggest…

  15. Avatar for Mackenzie heppelleMackenzie heppelle says

    I want to straighten my teeth because they are really crooked and I hate it but I cannot afford Invisalign or braces what do I do

  16. Avatar for AbigaelAbigael says

    my bottom and top row of teeth are straight and not overlapping except for the fact that i was born missing two teeth on my top layer causing me to have a big gap between my front teeth. I really hate it and i dont know what method to use. Reccomendations?

  17. Avatar for TimTim says

    my teeth are really mess up but my family can’t afford to get me braces. What can I do?

  18. Avatar for JadeJade says

    Hi there, so I was looking into other ways of getting my teeth straightened. The problem is I have already braces for, I wanna around 3 years and half. This month would be the first year of having them off. However, my teeth are starting to get crooked again. I have a permanent retainer on the bottom teeth and the 2 front teeth are starting to be move. I have a removable retainer on the my top teeth, and the 4 front teeth are starting to get crooked again. I always have and still do put on my retainer ever night. but they are starting to be unaligned again. I don’t know why or if there is a reason, of I did something wrong but I don’t want my parents to have to pay money again so that is why i was looking at alternative ways. Anyways it would be great, if you had an explanation of maybe advice on what to do. Thanks.

  19. Avatar for sarahsarah says

    my bottom teeth do not line up to my upper teeth, which makes my mouth look crooked. would braces help make my teeth line up together and make my mouth look straight.

  20. Avatar for GraciGraci says

    I have one tooth that is out of place, and is pushed back further than the rest. Could I get braces on one row of teeth only if the other does not need to be corrected?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Graci. It is possible. However, often when patients ask this question, they are not considering the limitations of their bite, or the adjustments that may need to be made to the bite to allow the tooth to align. What you are saying is still possible sometimes.

  21. Avatar for AmyAmy says

    Hi, my two top front teeth are longer than the rest and I HATE it. Would Invisalign be able to fix that?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Amy. Its impossible to say without seeing. The front two teeth are naturally supposed to be longer than the rest. Invisalign could probably help minimize this difference if that is your preference.

  22. Avatar for ShakwiedaShakwieda says

    I came across this site in hopes of finding an affordable way to improve not just my smile but my self confidence. Why is dental care so expensive? I am a single mom and my insurance covers absolutely nothing dental. As a kid, I had to take lots of antibiotics so I have a permanent stain inside my front tooth. I only remember my mom taking us to the dentist once as a kid. Growing up, I’ve avoided conversations bc I don’t want ppl to see my teeth and that has caused social anxiety. I dropped out of college due to having to take Speech as a mandatory class. After having to stand in front of the class once, I was crumbling inside. Of course as an adult, I’ve gotten my teeth cleaned but can’t afford any procedures. I often sit and think about how different life would be if I had more confidence. I would love to actually smile for a picture.
    If you are a dentist reading this, I’m sure you have heard so many stories before. I don’t know how the business side works but if you can help someone by doing charity work, Pro Bono work or whatever its called, please do❤

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Dentistry is expensive because of education costs, overhead (staff, rent, equipment, supplies, advertising, etc). It is a business, and it is definitely hard work. Often times, practices make very little or lose money at first before turning a profit. The price of dentistry is reflective of these costs. Generally speaking, 70% of the cost of dentistry goes to these overhead expenses.

  23. Avatar for kami gosskami goss says

    Hi i am 14 my teeth dont match up when i was little i got in the habit of sucking my thumb and i have a huge over bite and a gap all my teeth a crooked should i try braces or what should i do.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Yes. Braces sound perfect.

  24. Avatar for RobynRobyn says

    Hi, I have a large frontal gap the size of a tooth between my 2 front teeth. I had my top right back molar extracted due to it breaking as well as my bottom left back molar. Can I still do invisilign treatment?

  25. Avatar for HLMHLM says

    What are the under the gum dangers/risks if an adult (age 50+) with otherwise okay occlusion wants to have an overjet of 10-12 millimeters? Can it be done safely. I realize that this would increase the odds of injury due to the projected upper incisors but the question still stands.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      I don’t really understand the question. You can’t have an overjet that large just because you want it. It might require jaw surgery to achieve this. You can’t move a tooth endlessly within the jaw. There is a limit.

  26. Avatar for Doctor. ReedDoctor. Reed says

    Honsty, you can do it but dont keep them in if they hurt and dont keep them in all day long. (Them – rubberbands)

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Thank you Doctor Reed, for the highly educated (not really), and completely useless comment. You have effectively demonstrated a complete lack of screening and treatment planning. For instance, what if you have severe periodontal disease, and then you apply the rubber bands. It won’t necessarily hurt, but it will cause damage. The answer is very simple, if you try to do ortho without good planning and good records, you are taking a big risk. Its your body, go for it. The complications are more expensive than the orthodontics would have been.

  27. Avatar for MariaMaria says

    Hi! I am 14 years old and I have been told last year that braces were going to be needed but just not yet. My left side of my top and bottom teeth are straight but on my right side, I have one tooth that is slight behind the rest and to the right of that tooth that is slightly in front of the rest. On my bottom, one tooth is WAY too in front so I don’t know what I should do. What are my options?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Get another opinion. You can probably start.

  28. Avatar for ShonteyShontey says

    How can I naturally whiten my teeth without causing much damage to my enamel?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Custom made whitening trays would be the safest way to whiten your teeth with no significant risks.

  29. Avatar for AnnebelleAnnebelle says

    I am currently using Invisalign, but I have been rather careless as to when I actually put it in. There is a small gap between the plastic and my teeth. I am supposed to wear it 22 hours per day and I wear it about 18. Is this why there is a gap and can I do anything to fix it?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Sometimes this happens even if you wear it for 22 hours. It means the tooth isn’t moving exactly as planned. You would need a refinement to try to correct this.

  30. Avatar for Leela SalmonLeela Salmon says

    I have lots plenty of gaps in my teeth the biggest is my two front teeth. Spacing is the biggest issue I have and I have a small over bite and we cant afford braces or invisiliners is there a cheaper option i could try?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Maybe an Inman Aligner.

  31. Avatar for JoleeJolee says

    My name is Jolee.I’m 16 and I had braces from 6th-8th grade and I only wore my retainer for a month afterwards and then sporadically for the next 5 months. I went back to my orthodontist and he told me my teeth had shifted and gave me a new retainer. I have now thrown the original retainer out and wear my new one more often. My teeth stayed mostly straight except for my left front tooth. It juts out from a childhood accident, and I think that’s why it’s the only tooth that significantly shifted. Is there any way I can fix this issue without breaking the bank?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      If it is really that minor, you can probably qualify for more limited Invisalign treatment which is much cheaper.

  32. Avatar for DaynaDayna says

    I have my eye tooth going into my front two teeth I have troubles with gag reflexes and dentist just not being patient enough with me I need to get my front two teeth closer together do you think I will need to have my tooth sergicly pulled the correct direction

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Dayna. I’m really not sure. I would have to see it to answer that.

  33. Avatar for TomTom says

    I have a massive overbite, overcrowding, and trouble with speech as a result of my severe teeth issues, it’s causing my teeth to corrode and it’s especially painful with my wisdom teeth growing in. I can’t afford to pay them and my parents refused to when I was a child since they considered it a vanity. What is the most affordable way of fixing my issue and what plans do you recommend for someone who doesn’t have high income?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Tom. I would check out the closest dental school to see if the pricing could be more affordable.

  34. Avatar for LaurenLauren says

    Hi! I’ve noticed in my two front teeth that one tooth is bigger than the other. Like the tooth is higher up in my gums compared to my other. Is there a reason for that and is there a way to fix it? Thanks!

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Invisalign or braces can fix that. There is probably a reason it is like that, but it can be corrected more than likely.

  35. Avatar for JenniferJennifer says

    My daughter had chemo as a baby she was around 10 months old and it affected her teeth her teeth are small and I do think think they may be week. I k own something like she needs done would be very costly but that’s that’s not really a problem I’m wonder what would be the treatment for something like this and would it be painful for her. She is now 16 and is more concerned with her looks I would like for her to be comfortable with her smile.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      I would need to see her to be able to advise anything specifically or do a skype consultation. Maybe composite bondings or veneers. Determining if she has any enamel or dentin condition would be a very important first step.

  36. Avatar for cm125cm125 says

    Hi here is the thing I lost my retainer and my parents aren’t going to pay for a new one and I went through so much pain to get straight teeth and I see a gap is forming and I need to find something to do at home to straighten my teeth without invisalign or braces or a retainer. NEED HELP QUICK!

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      You really need a new retainer. Tell your parents how important it is to you and maybe you can work it off with chores or pay them back.

  37. Avatar for sashaa.sashaa. says

    Hey, my front two teeth are like on one another. Other than that all my teeth are straight. I am teen. What do you recommend?

  38. Avatar for Tanasha McCreeTanasha McCree says

    I seen this a little too late. I tried to close the small gap between my teeth using my daughter’s bands and it caused the skin between the teeth to swell and now separated from the teeth completely and enlarged. I only did it for 1 day several months ago and it closed right away yet it continued to shift one tooth on its on now overlapping the other and at times it still sensitive. There is nothing I can do now because it will be costly to fix and I am a single mother of 7 so it will never be affordable. I would advise anyone considering diy DO NOT ATTEMPT!

    • Avatar for Teresa PlewTeresa Plew says

      I’m not saying dIY is ok but sounds like perhaps you had a latex allergy to the rubber bands.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      I disagree. It sounds like the rubberband went around the gums and caused periodontal inflammation. This is one of the most frequent complications from DIY braces. In orthodontics, rubber bands usually go around attachments or brackets, not around the teeth.

  39. Avatar for Holly HansenHolly Hansen says

    Hi, I’m 15 my issue is that my top teeth do not meet my bottom teeth. This is apparently due to swallowing with my tongue pressed against my teeth. I can’t bite down on food with the front of my teeth, I instead have to either rip the food off with my teeth or bite with the side of my mouth. It sometime effects how I speak and I do not want it to get any worse. I am looking to improve this so do you think I would be compatible for Invisalign or that a retainer may work ?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Holly- it sounds like you may have an open bite. Yes this can be corrected with Invisalign, but probably not with a retainer. It’s possible that Invisalign can do it but it depends on the specifics, so I would recommend you have a consultation.

    • Avatar for javiahjaviah says

      hi my name is Javiah and i have some kricket teeth an i don’t want to get braces is there any way you can send me some clear braces and another question do yo have to wait for all your teeth to fall out to get braces sir

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      No I can’t send you clear braces. You can get braces before your teeth fall out. After they fall out, there is no point.

  40. Avatar for DaDa'Niyah Salter says

    My teeth are straight but, I have a gap that’s 1 m big and I really don’t want braces so what should I do

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Invisalign, bonding, or veneers are different options than braces that may be possible.

  41. Avatar for Max TownsendMax Townsend says

    Hey my names max townsend im 15 and currently have braces. Something i notice about my teeth is that they are pretty small and my both my lateral incisors are shaped with a curve and canines are basically triangles. I understand that the canines sharp shape has benifits but my question is. will my teeth ever have rectangular shape ?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Max- the shape of your teeth only changes from grinding and wear. It will not change to a rectangular shape, but perhaps it can be reshaped or bonded or veneered to get the shape you have in mind.

  42. Avatar for MaliaMalia says

    Im 13 and im sure i do not need braces because my teeth arent that crooked. Its just that my lateral incisors are not fully curving if that makes sense. They are just out instead of curving along side of my canines. Same with my bottom incisors. Would invisalign work? Thank you.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Malia. Invisalign sounds like it would be a great option. I can’t be certain without evaluating further but Invisalign can successfully treat a lot of different orthodontic conditions. You should go get a consultation! Good luck. All the best- Matt Nejad DDS

  43. Avatar for ChristinaChristina says

    I have crowded teeth there in the front. One of the front teeth is on top of the one to its right. The front tooth is a little bit tilted. So it makes it worse.

    Can i just fixed my teeth without braces? And how long do you think I’m going to need them ??

  44. Avatar for Suchit Vinesh PatilSuchit Vinesh Patil says

    I am teen, braces treatment is too costly for me,how much money required for this treatment, is it less than braces treatment?

  45. Avatar for ArleenArleen says

    Your mode of describing the whole thing in this article is genuinely fastidious, every one be capable of
    simply understand it, Thanks a lot.

  46. Avatar for nanoonanoo says

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?|

  47. Avatar for fufu says

    You just want people to give you $10,000

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      It’s not $10,000 first of all, but no that is not the intention at all. I have explained the risks and dangers in doing it yourself to help people avoid making costly and harmful mistakes. Patients need to know this isn’t like cutting your own hair. This is a complex field with years of research and development dating back to 1728. If you think it’s as simple as attaching a rubber band to apply pressure, let me remind you why there is a specialty field with years of training and education that exists to complete this procedure as safely and predictably as possible.

      1)Moving teeth requires records including X-rays to evaluate the condition of the teeth and bones for problems such as cavities, periodontal disease, bone loss, infection, short roots, etc.

      2) your gingiva (gums) also need to be evaluated to make sure they are healthy and to evaluate areas of gum recession which are existing or even areas of concern that may result in gum recession from treatment.

      3) evaluation of current occlusion and final occlusion. Occlusion is your bite. You can’t just move a few teeth without affecting the bite in a majority of cases. If you just move a few teeth and don’t place them into a good occlusal scheme, there can be pain, discomfort, and this can even result in losing teeth from traumatic occlusion. You need to understand occlusion and it is so complicated that a lot of dentists continue to take yearly training on the subject to learn more.

      There is more I could go into, but that is enough to make the point that orthodontic treatment has more involved than you are realizing. It is unreasonable to think you truly understand all of this without any training or experience. It takes years to learn of this stuff competently, and even more to be an expert. Ultimately it’s your decision and you can do whatever you want, but you will pay the price for any mistakes for having unsupervised orthodonic care on yourself. It’s my goal to raise awareness of these risks to help patients understand why they shouldn’t do treatment on themselves.

      – Dr. Matt Nejad

  48. Avatar for CarsonCarson says


    i have maxillary anterior crowding as told by dentist.
    At the same time i have sharp canine teeth which i want to get fixed.
    What could be the best solution for above

    • Avatar for Dr. Kyle StanleyDr. Kyle Stanley says

      Hello Carson,

      It sounds like you could benefit from some type of orthodontics such as Invisalign or traditional ortho. The sharp canines are usually a natural thing that makes people look young so I would leave them. As we age we grind down our canines and many of our older patients actually want to regain this sharpness. Without seeing any photos, it is difficult for us to give you any great advice but I hope this helps.
      Dr. Kyle Stanley

  49. Avatar for BappaBappa says

    Fixed or removable.. which type of brace should be applied at the age of 30 ?

    • Avatar for Dr. Kyle StanleyDr. Kyle Stanley says

      Hello Bappa, age shouldn’t have anything to do with which type of braces are best. I would say that most of our adult patients choose to have Invisalign treatment because it fits with their lifestyle and in almost invisible. Although, we have plenty of adult patients who chose traditional metal brackets and love their final result.

  50. Avatar for LiliLili says

    I’m just a teen i have no money ,is there any way to go cheaper than braces or aligners?
    is there a way i can do a SAFE D.I.Y. braces?

    • Avatar for Dr. Kyle StanleyDr. Kyle Stanley says

      Lili, unfortunately, we can’t recommend a safe way to straighten teeth that does not involve a dental professional. We recommend you save your money and maybe in some time, you can afford to safely straighten your teeth and get that smile you deserve!

  51. Avatar for R EvansR Evans says

    I noted your comment below that orthodonics requires pressure day and night to work. Not so according to my orthodontist from many years ago. My brother never wore his night brace, and I always did. Visits to the orthodontist found my brother praised for wearing night braces and later retainers that he never wore and me criticized for not wearing devices I always wore.. A move when I was 18 found my service transferred to an orthodontist in another city, and I can honestly say the work was never completed the way the orthodontist claimed he would correct my teeth and bite. After continuing the process from an intial early retainer only and then later braces from age 16 until in my 20s, I question the reality that all can be fixed. I had a small mouth and my back molars were cut out and removed along with two other teeth to make room. I am too old wo worry about it at this point, but I can say I agree with the woman that states three times of braces is just too much. My parents spent thousands of dollars, and I still have negative opinion regarding my orthodontist, his blaming his failed effort on me, and his failure to give value to the service that was supposed to be provided. His daughter is now a local orthodontist who has continued his business. I hope that people that continue to support the business receive better service than I did.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi R Evans,

      Real orthodontics does require pressure day and night. Your brother never wore his night brace probably means he didn’t wear his headgear or some other component of his treatment. This one personal example has too many other factors for me to accurately explain why his treatment may have actually worked well while yours didn’t. However, I assure you with all my experience, countless hours of research, treatment, and commitment to my field, that orthodontics does require constant pressure and time to have successful treatment. Constant doesn’t have to mean 24 hours but it does mean most of the day. Any less time than this will move the tooth somewhat, but not ensure it goes where you want it and stays there. I am sorry you had a bad experience, and I hope you do understand that not every dentist/orthodontist provides the same expertise and treatment. I have seen a lot of unsuccessful cases due to poor treatment planning and poor execution, so while you may have done everything correct, it is possible it was not your fault. I have also seen a case where a dentist friend of mine had every single tooth in his mouth become fused to the bone during his treatment and it is now impossible to move the teeth. The body is miraculous and there are possibilities for very rare complications/exceptions.

      Matt Nejad

  52. Avatar for AngeliqueAngelique says

    Ok so I’m just a teen and I obviously don’t have a lot of money. My teeth are crooked and I’ve been told many times that I need braces or a retainer. But my parents don’t have enough money for braces, retainers, Invisalign, and other products that would help. So do you have any ideas that would help me get straighter teeth?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Dear Angelique- Unfortunately I do not have any ideas to get straighter teeth that are safe and effective without having a significant cost associated. My recommendation would be to wait and save. I did not get Invisalign myself until age 28. I know you want it so badly and I can feel how important it is, but there are just some things you can’t do by yourself. This is my honest and professional opinion. – Best, Matt Nejad

  53. Avatar for LibbyLibby says

    Hello! I have an overbite and a huge gap between my top two front teeth but I don’t have enough money for braces. Any cheaper alternatives that aren’t as dangerous as the diy braces mentioned above?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hey Libby,

      Look into the Inman Aligner, that is possibly a good option. It’s usually around half the cost of braces. If you are not a good candidate for that, im afraid there are not really any cheaper options that come to mind. Good luck!

      Matt Nejad

  54. Avatar for SmilesSmiles says

    Thank you for the info! I just got my metal old fashioned braces off and it was worth every penny! Nothing beats a great dentist and an awesome hygienist backed by a team of caring staff! Just the average poor student here, with tons of debt but I was able to save for something I wanted. Keep up the great work Doctor!

  55. Avatar for LuLu says

    Is there any way to move your own teeth at home without having to get brace because my family’s poor so my parent can’t afford brace for me

  56. Avatar for Kathy SeldenKathy Selden says

    This really helped me understand why I have to have ?. Thanks DR. Matt!! So well written!!!

  57. Avatar for KMWKMW says

    You are correct: “constant and light pressure” followed by a retainer. I have already had braces, twice. Once as a preteen (didn’t wear the retainers) and later as an adult. I did and do wear my retainers every night, but my teeth have still shifted. I now have a slight gap now between my front teeth. Am I going to get braces for a third time?Absolutely not. Thus, I am using the Orabands–the same bands used by orthodontists– with success and will follow up with a non-Hawley retainer in about 30 days. And my orthodontist did nothing wrong, of course. Apparently teeth have memory and long to go back to their original positions.
    So when my gap closes–in about 30 days–and I also close the resulting gap around the laterals and cuspids, I will follow up with my orthodontist for a new retainer. (Or use the many online sources that are available for retainers, both clear and Hawley.)
    I know this cuts into your business, but you have to assume a certain level of intelligence, especially among people who have already worn braces. Everyone (with common sense ) knows that rubber bands should not cut into the gums, and there are ways to prevent this.

    • Avatar for pmbpmb says

      I know! I saw the picture of the rubber bands cutting into the gums and wondered how somebody couldn’t have noticed their gums gradually being cut away to cause that situation. That’s a terrible example of a reason to not use DIY braces. It just doesn’t seem like a common or realistic problem.

  58. Avatar for AngelaAngela says

    I have a gap between my two of my lower teeth but my dfentist says I dont need braces. Why is that?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Angela,

      Well sometimes there is a gap is due to other reasons like a tooth size discrepancy, or congenitally missing teeth. It’s possible that restorative work to replace or modify the size of the teeth is the more comprehensive solution. Also, sometimes a little space doesn’t mean you NEED braces but it might just be something that you cosmetically desire. Not sure which one is going on.

  59. Avatar for Adam SandlerAdam Sandler says

    They work fine if you take them off before sleeping.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hey Adam Sandler,

      That’s not true. If you apply forces to the teeth for half the day, and no forces at night, orthodontic treatment will never be successful. This is one of the very basics of orthodontics…”constant and light pressure.”

  60. Avatar for ElizabethElizabeth says

    I have a really big gap and etc. what could I do besides getting braces and aligners And etc. to get my teeth strained…

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Composite bonding or porcelain veneers might also be a possibility, it really depends on the specifics.

  61. Avatar for KyrieKyrie says

    Umm, I am a preteen… And I am in CRITICAL need of braces, my front teeth are extremely crooked. I can afford braces, or a retainer yet not all of my “adult” teeth are not fully grown in and some are still “baby” teeth. But, I kind of want them to come out already and I don’t want a forced teeth extraction. Should I just wait for them to fall/come out… because my jaw is also not at it’s full size either, which I believe that is the cause of my over crowded teeth. I was recommended to go to a Orthodontist, and I am still waiting for an opening. Do you have any recommendations?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Kyrie,

      My only recommendation is to talk to your dentist or orthodontist. There are too many things you are describing to paint an accurate picture. Definitely do not try to do any treatment yourself. Your orthodontist or dentist will be able to advise you if you will need to wait until all your adult teeth are present or if some earlier treatment is recommended.

  62. Avatar for NeoNeo says

    Not to knock the dentist offering his free advice on here. It is decent and kind of him to do so. But a picture of a young dentist with a ten thousand dollar smile, a two thousand dollar suit, and a million dollar practice in Beverly Hills. Follow that intro with an article advising the poor not to do their own dental work… There’s going to be a bit of resentment.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi again Neo,

      Thank you for the kind words. I sincerely hope you do not resent me. I am not commenting on here and offering advice to try and make money. I am trying to inform of the risks of doing orthodontic treatment yourself. At the end of the day, I hope you will not deny that there is a lot of risk in doing something you are not trained in. If I can prevent even one person from causing irreversible damage due to lack of informed consent and education, I am happy to continue answering questions and putting this information out there. All the best, Matt.

  63. Avatar for NeoNeo says

    What was the f***ing dentist going to say? “Yeah sure… fix them yourselves…” They make $250k a year because private health insurance industries screw the working class. This way if a North American dentist ever feels a twinge of guilt they just turn the music up in their new porsche and drown it all out.
    The cost of a roundtrip flight to asia is quickly offset by savings in dental expenses. Good luck finding a dentist here to advise anyone to not spend $$$ or take the business elsewhere.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Neo,

      For one thing, I wish you knew how hard we work every day to do what we do. We give up years of our lives studying, accumulate 500k in student loans, and then at least that much more in starting a business. From there, we deal with staffing, insurance, expenses, etc. Every dentist who does quality work for their patients deserves what they earn.

      I know good dentists all around the world. I would rather see a patient go to a foreign dentist any day than to try and do the treatment themselves. When it comes to Invisalign or orthodontic treatment, I highly doubt you are going to save money flying into Asia every 4-6 weeks for checkups.

  64. Avatar for IoanaIoana says

    Hello Doc, My upper and lower teeth are overcrowded, i don’t want braces, can the alignment be corrected using retainers ?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hello Loana- Yes, retainers can be used but there are some limitations depending on the severity of crowding and your bite/occlusion. There is also something called the Inman aligner. Take a look here: It is a really nice appliance to fix overlaps, but it does have some limitations.

  65. Avatar for LibbyLibby says

    I don’t really have big gaps in my teeth but some of them overlap slightly and it’s really annoying is there a way I can get this fixed without braces?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      It is definitely a possibility. I really like something called the inman aligner. Take a look here:

      It is a really nice appliance to fix overlaps, but it does have some limitations.

  66. Avatar for SavannahSavannah says

    People try these methods out of desperation, not because they don’t respect dentists. Paying out of pocket for a yearly checkup is much cheaper than the yearly costs of dental insurance. Rather than tell people with sub-poverty income to just casually save up thousands of dollars maybe dentists should fight for affordable insurance! We don’t all make the money you do but we get that teeth are important.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Savannah, thank you for sharing your opinion. The problem a lot of people do not realize is that dental insurance does not cover the entire cost of orthodontic treatment or other treatments for that matter. Some insurance plans do not cover orthodontic treatment at all, and if it is covered, it only covers $1000-$2000 of the treatment. If you have the dental insurance and your employer pays for it, then that is a great discount. However, if you purchase your own dental insurance it would cost about $600-1500 a year and if you look closely you will see that paying out of pocket is probably more efficient.

      I don’t think that dental insurance will ever become cheaper because in general, all other costs associated with dentistry are on the rise: rent, staff, materials, equipment, dental education. For insurance companies to be able to lower the cost of insurance, the average cost of delivering dental care would have to be decreasing but that is not happening. In reality, dental insurance is nothing like medical insurance which will cover huge sums in a given year after the deductible is met. Instead, dental insurance has a small deductible of $25-100 and then covers up to a yearly maximum of about $1500 which is generally less than the cost of a patient’s treatment plan. So dental insurance is really like a yearly allowance. I would fight for anything to increase the access to care but for that to really happen we would have to see lots of expenses decrease. Also, of all the things for insurance to cover, orthodontic would be among the most elective or cosmetic for most patients vs infections, extractions, fillings, etc. This is why I suggest saving up if this is something that you value.

  67. Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

    someone give this guy an award!!! 1000

  68. Avatar for JamieJamie says

    My two front teeth are bigger than my other teeth and my dentist said I need braces but my parents dont want me to get braces and I hate my teeth. What can I do?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hey Jamie- I really feel for you. I had the same problem growing up and I am just now getting my own Invisalign. What helped me was to focus on the positive things and improve the areas I had control of. Eating healthy, working out, feeling good about myself. Also, it is very important to keep your teeth healthy and clean. That is always the most important thing. In the future, you will always be able to get orthodontics / Invisalign if your teeth are still healthy. Brush twice a day, floss at least once a day, and see your dentist for regular cleanings. These things are the most important to keep your options open down the road, and also to keep you healthy.

  69. Avatar for Emma HunterEmma Hunter says

    Bottom line is this, if you want nice teeth, you must be rich, or take out a loan. Either way you are screwed. AND this is why the AMERICAN people resort to doing things themselves. Everyone is trying to fatten their pockets!

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Dear Emma,

      Medical and dental treatment are expensive because of the all the training and expenses that go into providing the care. No one is screwed and you do not need to be rich to afford it. There are plenty of things you can do yourself to save money which do not have disastrous risks to your health. There are several ways to finance your orthodontic care and break the payments up so it is manageable such as CareCredit or in office payments plans. There are also health insurance plans that allow for tax-free savings accounts to allow for eligible healthcare expenses to save you tax-dollars. Finally, there is also personal budgeting and savings. The bottom-line is that having straight and beautiful teeth is not as important as having healthy mouth gums, being free of infections and cavities, and keeping your teeth. If health care or dental insurance paid for all of this, then everyone would pay higher premiums and no one would be any happier about it. I can’t think of any better solution to this but we will see what happens with time.

  70. Avatar for AshlynnAshlynn says

    I have spaces in between my teeth on the and crowding on the bottom. My insurance (soonercare) you have to have a certain amount of “points” to get anything done. I don’t have enough points but I really don’t have the money to go out and get braces. What should I do?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      I mentioned this below, but I really feel for you. I had the same problem growing up and I am just now getting my own Invisalign at age 33. What helped me along the way was to focus on the positive things and improve the areas I had control of on my budget. Eating healthy, working out, feeling good about myself. Also, it is very important to keep your teeth healthy and clean. That is always the most important thing. In the future, you will always be able to get orthodontics / Invisalign if your teeth are still healthy. Brush twice a day, floss at least once a day, and see your dentist for regular cleanings. These things are the most important to keep your options open down the road, and also to keep you healthy.

  71. Avatar for berylberyl says

    how can i stop aching in tooth from drinking or eating cold things

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      You should see a dentist! It could be a cavity or worse.

  72. Avatar for Davia cannonDavia cannon says

    I am a teen ,i have 2 huge gaps in my smile one by the upper part ,and the lower part ,orthondist are telling me it costs roughly 500us i cannot afford that i want to know what to do,i tried using elastics and it seems effective but i have doubts I’m afraid to use elastics as i have tried and it hurt my gum plus i had to fix my broken front tooth and I’m afraid it will affect its firmness what can i do to ensure no harm is done to my teeth and ensure enough pressure is applied using the elastics?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Davia- there is nothing I can do to help you without seeing you and planning the case. There is a lot of things to consider and no one can really answer those questions and give you the information you need to treat your case yourself safely. My concern is that you do something now to try to improve the appearance of your teeth, and ultimately make things even worse. It wouldn’t be impossible to lose a tooth with the wrong amount of pressure and no treatment planning. Please find a way to budget and save to get this done professionally if it is a priority for you, but otherwise do not take risks that could make matters worse and more expensive to treat.

  73. Avatar for tooth coloured bracketstooth coloured brackets says

    Usually I do not learn post on blogs, however I wish to say thyat this write-up very pressured me to try and do so!
    Your writing syle has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice article.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Thanks a lot! We try to help get good information out there as much as we can. Glad you appreciate it! Check back- we are always adding more content.

  74. Avatar for Isaac HIsaac H says

    I have one crooked tooth that is twisted to the side I have straight teeth it’s just that when I was younger my dentist pulled my tooth out and turned the tooth that was to replace it and it’s now twisted.what do I do?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Isaac,

      From what you are explaining, you may be a good candidate for significantly discounted Invisalign (express 5 or express 10 treatment) which is designed to handle minor corrections. Alternatively, the Inman Aligner would also probably work. See if you can get a consultation for these services to determine if you are indeed a good candidate for these.

  75. Avatar for LillithLillith says

    I don’t have the money to afford braces, not now, probably never will, my teeth stay sore, due to how crooked my teeth are they slice my cheeks open sometimes. What is someone like me supposed to do?

    • Avatar for AngelAngel says

      Make the effort to save. There’s many practices that work with low income families and create payment plans for everyone. And to say you will NEVER be able to afford braces is stealing you down a path of destruction. You have to put your self in a mindstate that’s successful if you want to have a excellent quality of life

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Thank you Angel. I think you are absolutely correct. Think positive, set goals, work towards things. Nothing in life comes easy. Never sell yourself short and never accept that you will NEVER be able to do something. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.

    • Avatar for TracyTracy says


      I totally agree with you. People don’t understand that when teeth are crooked or out of place, they are sore and painful. I think even dentists don’t realize this. It is not a constant, consistent pain. More of a chronic, intermittent pain. But painful nonetheless. I wish you luck Lilith.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Dear Tracy,

      We do realize this can be uncomfortable, especially when it is severely crowded and rotated. This makes the gums irritated and inflamed. However, these are the exact type of situations that can result in loss of teeth and damage to neighboring teeth if they are treated with the DIY approach. I sincerely hope Lilith is able to find someone to help her with her treatment. There are plenty of providers out there, but this isn’t something that she can handle without taking a big risk. The risk can be catastrophic and even more costly.

  76. Avatar for Jayy62Jayy62 says

    I dont have the money for braces! I need them badly but my family cant afford it

  77. Avatar for SavanahSavanah says

    I need braces the dentist told me I need them because of my jaw and how bad my over bite is.. My jaw pops frequently but I just don’t have that kind of money.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hi Savanah- if you can’t or won’t get braces, at least some sort of appliance like an occlusal guard may help minimize pain, discomfort, and damage that can result if you do indeed have TMD (Temporomandibular disorder ). I am not positive that is the case but my advice is to try to at least prevent the damage rather than to end up in a position where you have to restore or deal with all the damage. It is usually much cheaper to address it early on. I hope this helps.

  78. Avatar for Krystle Fenton DDSKrystle Fenton DDS says

    People considering these DIY braces should think twice. From the outside, your teeth may look pretty good but you can actually cause damage to the bone and gums. Leave dentistry to the professionals. There’s a reason that we go to school for such a long time.

    • Avatar for FarrellFarrell says

      Some us can not afford you highly trained, educated dental professionals. With a family to feed and provide the very basics there is no luxury money for this. Can’t afford the insurance either. Instead of fixing you just pull. Now with holes left I can’t chew. How about you design a fit kit for the millions of us needing but can’t afford.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Hey Farrell- I hear you! Its not cheap. I wish it was cheaper but you have to realize that dental education is expensive ( both in cost and in years of training), and that the typical office has a 70% overhead ( lab bills, rent/utilities, staff & payroll, etc). The point I am making is, the answer is not to skip out on professionally administered care by taking things into your own hands. I know it looks easy from the outside but its not. It takes years to learn and understand when there is cause for concern, how to properly establish a stable bite, limitations to treatment, high chance of complication, etc. It is impossible to learn orthodontics through the internet, but it is very easy to cause irreversible damage to your teeth by experimenting with DIY braces.

      There is no kit that can replace the supervision and treatment planning of a good professional.

    • Avatar for jackiejackie says

      Actually, at student created a pair of “Invisalign” type braces from a 3-D printer for $60 bucks. I think the price could go down considerably if folks look for better alternatives then the over priced industry with little to no competition. It’s a matter of people who are in the position looking for those options instead of accepting the standard.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Dear Jackie. Thank you for commenting. Please let me try to explain why this particular case is misleading. I am very familiar with that case. Actually, the student did have a relatively simple treatment and his crowding/rotations were minimal. However, the 3-D printer, the laser scanner, the software, the vacuum forming machine, research, and labor that went into his treatment were all far more than $60. $60 was the cost of plastic and aligner material only so it’s quite a bit more expensive (thousands in total). The student claims to have completed “orthodontic research” before starting his treatment and just by my estimates I would say he spent at least 1-2 weeks to even have the slightest idea about orthodontics and more likely 1-2 months of research (still nothing compared to a full education and years of experience). The point is, the time and effort he put into making his own trays were significant. Labor is usually the most expensive part of health care and dentistry (doctors/dentists, assistants, office staff, lab staff, etc). The actual material is never the most expensive part.

      All this is to say that there is really nothing to say that the cost of providing orthodontic treatment will come down. Before clear aligners, there were metal brackets and the treatment costs were similar. Technology has advanced for sure, but the labor cost will always be going up and if you sacrifice trained providers for entry-level workers you are going to end-up with a lot more damage and more expenses as a result.

      There is a lot of competition for Invisalign and braces right now. Almost every dentist and orthodontist offers these services. There are two aligner companies (Clear Correct and Invisalign), countless alternatives (traditional braces, lingual braces, retainer like appliances, etc). I can’t and won’ force anyone to take my word for it, but I will just tell you that everyday, professionals (dentists and orthodontists) who are highly trained still have adverse outcomes from treatment. The difference is, we are trained to identify these problems, plan accordingly, and also to monitor and modify treatment when problems arise. These are not things that can be replaced.

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      You can’t have orthodontics without having healthy gums and bone, no cavities or infections, and no failing dental restorations. There are health consequences to trying to skip all these steps and despite the desire to have teeth look good, nothing is more important than your health and well-being. Please trust me when I say that cosmetics is always the last priority for me and it should always be the last priority for you.

  79. Avatar for shalini adhikarishalini adhikari says

    My problem is that my front 2 teeths are up and their is a gaap in between dat teeth it makes my smile so bad how can i solve these problem without using braces

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      Invisalign can also work, or possibly some sort of restorative procedure like bonding or veneers but its impossible to say without having a good look at it. I think orthodontics (including Invisalign) would be the most comprehensive and least invasive approach.

    • Avatar for JordanJordan says

      Is there a alternative for Invisalign, because I know I don’t have that money laying around. So is there something cheaper?

    • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

      There is another company called Clear-Correct and another awesome treatment called the Inman-Aligner. The Inman-Aligner is typically cheaper BUT you may or may not be a good candidate. Hope this helps!

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