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Dr. Matt Nejad

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  1. Avatar for AnilAnil says

    Very informative site. Thanks for shairing your knowledge with beginers like us.
    Thank you

    • Last Name: Nishantha
  2. Avatar for kimberly goodrichkimberly goodrich says

    I just want click in so I can take them out for up and lower do you off a payment plan. Plus I believe I have bone loss because my back teeth were removed a long time ago I really want to smile again but I don’t have alot of money please can you help me

      • Avatar for Dr. Matt NejadDr. Matt Nejad says

        Hi Maria, depending on the specific severity of diabetes, you may have a higher incidence of complications with diabetes due to the effect diabetes has on wound-healing and on periodontal health, but it is not usually contraindicated. Wish you all the best- MN

      • Avatar for J.MicheleJ.Michele says

        I am small in stature have osteoporosi.s 74 yr
        I have Sjögren’s syndrome, xerostomia. Iam concerned about facial collapse
        What type of tooth replacement is best for me?

          • Avatar for Dr. Kyle StanleyDr. Kyle Stanley says

            If you aren’t taking any bisphosphonate drugs, you can have any normal type of implant dentistry.

          • Avatar for JustineJustine says

            I was told I can only have a click in for my lower mouth do to less bone and worry about nerve damage is there another way to avoid this and get fixed all on 4

              • Avatar for Dr. Kyle StanleyDr. Kyle Stanley says

                Yes, almost all patients can get 4 implants placed between the nerves in order to have a fixed solution. Make sure you go to a team that does this often.

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